Roland CR68 issue - does not start - ideas?

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Roland CR68 issue - does not start - ideas?

Post by perfectdefect » Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:24 pm

I have a CR68 that powers on and has 5V & 15V as expected coming out of the power supply. I looked for bad traces, shorted leads etc but found none. I replaced all the electrolytic caps on the board with the clock etc and in the power supply. I confirmed the start/stop switch is making contact, but the machine doesn't start when I press it. Looking at the schematic I am thinking maybe the latch or clock circuit is the culprit. Leaning more towards the latch, but not sure how to check - I don't have an oscilloscope. I bet the clock and latch circuits are basically the same as most of the other Roland drum machines in the 70's TR and CR series. Anyone run into this and found a fix? Anyone versed enough in circuit repair able to look at the schematic and recommend anything to check? Thanks.

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