Anybody have a Micro x ?.

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Anybody have a Micro x ?.

Post by alexsunny123 » Sun Jan 17, 2021 8:39 am


I'm really thinking about buying one. But the 64 meg sample set scares me a bit. Granted, I know on a rompler with 128 megs, about 80 megs of that is stuff I'll never use.. so that's a point to consider. I also know, I could get an EMX1 for the same price; and that's limited as well (in terms of base wavs), except it has a sequencer. But I use Live, and I want sounds that would both work for techno / trance as well as ambient / soundscapey stuff.

I really really like it after spending about 2 hours with it at the store.. but then I see the price tag, and then i do like the anti gas pee pee dance.. I dont know what to think and I'm afraid of getting buyers remorse.

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Re: Anybody have a Micro x ?.

Post by meatballfulton » Sun Jan 17, 2021 4:28 pm

It's the same synth as the 61-key X50, shrunk down for portability.

It is very well suited to ambient soundscapes due to the onboard effects and the ability to layer sounds (Korg calls that Combinations). It has plenty of sounds suitable for trance and techno up to the time it was introduced (2007). If you have played with it at a store you already know how it sounds.

It's a good match for Live because it is multitimbral (can play multiple parts simultaneously). It can be connected for MIDI using USB, an audio interface is still required to get the Micro X sounds into Live.

The basic samples come from the Triton series, in some cases reduced in size by being mono instead of stereo, etc. 64MB is more than the original Triton. The last of the line, the Triton Extreme had only 120MB. On a synth like the Micro X and Tritons the largest amount of the sample memory is always dedicated to grand pianos and another large chunk to orchestral instruments, guitars, etc. The synth waveforms take up less space but samples of sawtooth waves don't need to be large.

If you are in the USA I wouldn't pay more than $300 for one with the original power supply, plastic carrying case and no missing knobs or buttons.
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