Moogerfoogers...I have some questions about them.

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Moogerfoogers...I have some questions about them.

Post by ex_action_figure » Sat Oct 04, 2008 6:27 am

I never really looked to much at moogerfoogers but I recently bought a little phatty and it got me thinking..I love it and it. It sounds amazing but it of course extremely limited I was browsing around the Moog website and I started to think how cool it would be if I bought a bunch of moogerfoogers and made kind of a mini modular but I'm a little confused about how they work I have never used CV and I don't quite understand what they all do.

A few questions..if I bought the MF-101 lowpass filter and hooked it up to my LP would It be 'fatter'? I know on duel filter synths like the Alesis Ion and Virus C combining two lowpass filters would make some seriously massive basses but would it be worth it with the 101 and the little phatty?

What is the CP 251? I have no idea what it does!

I think I'd like my rig to consist of the:
Little phatty
Lowpass filter
Ring modular
12 stage phaser
and the MP 201 pedal for modulation

any suggestions or ideas or can anyone shed more light on these foogers

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Re: Moogerfoogers...I have some questions about them.

Post by kuroichi » Sat Oct 04, 2008 10:36 am

You can create somewhat of a modular setup with the Moogerfoogers and an LP, however it would be a very expensive one....

The alesis Ion is a little different, as the filters can work together or separately and the Ion features several different filter types, not just low pass.

Having two Low Pass filters wouldn't necessarily make the sound fatter, and the concept of 'fatter' is very subjective. Although most people would assume a fatter tone can be achieved with an extra oscillator of some kind. But the LP is very powerful already so dont worry about the 'fatness'.

the CP-251 is a control processor, you can use it to send CV control signals to other Moogerfoogers etc, and to mix signals to produce various effects. For example it contains an LFO which you could use to affect the LP's Filter to produce filter sweeps.

Before buying any expensive Moogerfoogers read up on CV a little, even something simple like the wikipedia page on CV/gate might help.

I personally think the foogers are great and sound great, but even I'm hesitant to buy them all since they cost a lot, even more in the UK than US. Also think about how you play, for example if you sequence things or play freely, as this could affect you also.
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Re: Moogerfoogers...I have some questions about them.

Post by Suburban Bather » Sat Oct 04, 2008 11:00 am

A very noteworthy effect of running things through a Moogerfooger, especially multiple MF's is how the signal can get a grungy sound from the pre-amps. Moogerfoogers have a tendancy to roll a little bit of the top end off your signal and the preamps have a very pleasant overdrive to them(if you set the drive control just right.)

With the CP-251 you can attenuate CV's, which is kind of like a passive volume control for the CV signal. I mean strength of the CV signal when I say volume. Like Kuroichi said, you can mix different CV's together to make a new wave shape, but you can also send one signal to multiple destinations. The lag processor controls the rate of the rise and fall of CV signal's slope. Basically, it can turn a square wave into a ramp up, down, or triangle wave.

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Re: Moogerfoogers...I have some questions about them.

Post by Henfield » Sat Oct 04, 2008 7:02 pm

The foogers that would make the most sense with the LP are the Phaser and Ring Mod. The others could be used, espeically the CP-251 to add another LFO or another source for Sample and Hold. If the LP ever gets a CV out for pitch, then the Freqbox could be used as a third oscillator and routed back through the LP's filter and envelopes.

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Re: Moogerfoogers...I have some questions about them.

Post by shaft9000 » Sat Oct 04, 2008 9:33 pm

ex_action_figure wrote: What is the CP 251? I have no idea what it does!
Moog LP + CP-251 in Hi-Fi
it is also capable of much more. my demo is very very simple, utilizing only 2 patches that sound kind of similar. above it's capacity for crazy fx, the cp-251 expands the LPs range in other more useful ways. like being able to use vibrato on a sync patch w/ different LFO rates. or making 'beats' using the noise generator thru ext input. or mad filter fm on top of osc fm on top of whatever else.
it's an amazing bargain, given that it is equivalent to about 5-7 genuine Moog Modular modules crammed together into one.
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Re: Moogerfoogers...I have some questions about them.

Post by cowatf » Mon Oct 06, 2008 10:21 pm

I've been using moogers for a few years and they constantly throw out brilliant sounds. Personally I like to have a send/return off the desk, usually goes - filter, ring mod, delay. All three have great character, and can really take sounds into very interesting territory.

This isn't very relevant to the LP but I've come up with brilliant patches using the VX-351 and CP-251 with my Voyager, the ringmod tracking the pitch of the keys. If you tune it as a another note of a chord (say a forth or fifth) you can have beautiful modulating textures underneath your Voyager sound that can be a lot more musical than most ring-mods. Also using it as a tremelo that changes speed with the pitch can be used to great effect..

Basically they've never let me down, I use them on every track I've recorded, you won't be disappointed. However, if you're looking for a more interesting sound from your LP then I don't think the Filter is the way to go, it won't have that much effect on the sound and I'm pretty sure it won't make the LP any fatter, you wouldn't even really be able to achieve any sounds that you couldn't already do. Any of the other modules will provide you with brilliant sounds that you wouldn't be able to achieve otherwise. The delay is my favourite, but it is expensive..

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