Gear Wanted Rules - Read Before Posting!

Looking for something to buy? Post your requests for musical instruments and equipment here.
Forum rules
READ: Gear Wanted Rules and Guidelines

Moderators have the right to edit your posts to keep them within the framework of these rules.
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Gear Wanted Rules - Read Before Posting!

Post by vintagesynth » Fri Jul 09, 2010 10:06 pm

These rules are meant to keep 'Gear Wanted' as clean as possible and to prevent excessive bumping and chatter.

General Rules:
  1. Use this forum ONLY for want ads (requests for gear you are looking to buy).
  2. You must be a registered member of the Synth Forums to post here.
  3. Posted ads will expire after 14 days since the last post or bump.
  4. The Vintage Synth Explorer does not participate in your transactions in any way. You may post ads and conduct second-hand sales through this forum, but you do so solely at your own risk.
  2. REVISE THE FIRST POST! Only one thread is allowed per person.
    1. For all changes and/or updates to your ad, please edit the first post of your thread.
    2. If you have bought/found what you were looking for, please edit the first post to let other members know you are no longer looking to buy. It is encouraged that you add [FOUND] or [BOUGHT] to your topic title.
  3. Use the Private Message system to contact members to discuss a deal.
    1. No posts saying PM sent.
  4. It is OK to post legit questions to the OP in their topic.
    1. The OP should respond by editing their answer into the first post.
  5. Gear Wanted is NOT a discussion forum.
  1. To renew your posts, simply post a relpy (bump).
  2. Bumps must be 5 days apart since the last bump or reply. No exceptions.
We recommend this format in your posts:
Subject: WTB: Name of gear you want to find or buy

Message Body: Describe what you are searching for. Hopefully you will get some replies. You can request interested sellers to Private Message or Email you to discuss payment, shipping & delivery details.

My location: PLEASE include your location in your adverts or add it to your profile.
These rules are here for a reason. Obviously, you aren't going to be banned for mistakes and minor infractions. But the Moderators have the right to edit your posts to keep them within the framework of these rules. Complaining about prices, stirring up nonsense, etc will be dealt with a bit more stiffly. Breaking rules with little regard will lead to having your thread deleted outright, a warning, and possible time based banning if it is a consistent issue.

We will not tolerate any type of fraudulent activity (spams & scams) in this forum and any users suspected of such will be terminated and/or banned from the Synth Forums. You should report any users breaking these rules to one of our Mods or the site Admin.

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