yamaha dm1000 vcm

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yamaha dm1000 vcm

Post by btravis77e » Wed Nov 24, 2021 10:59 am

curious if anyones running one of these
inherited one from a friend of a friends estate.
been sitting for a couple months in my stuff find it to bulky to lug out with the pa being only 16ch atm

noticed it has usb but not finding much info on how to use it with a computer out there seems to be a forgoten beast...
i run ableton and fl studio curious if i can use the board as a usb sound card essentialy? basicaly i wana use it as my daw.

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Re: yamaha dm1000 vcm

Post by meatballfulton » Wed Nov 24, 2021 3:11 pm

From the manual I found online, the USB is only for MIDI and what Yamaha calls Remote Control, acting as a Pro Tools or Nuendo control surface. It also allows MMC control. For the Remote Control, you need a program called Software Manager which is pretty ancient...I don't know if it will even run on modern computers.

The rest of the MIDI is for calling up scene changes and direct control of mixer parameters over MIDI. I suppose it would allow recording mixer moves into a sequencer for later recall. The VCM means it has Yamaha's modeled DSP effects, which if they are anything what was in my Motif XF are really good sounding.

If you were hoping for audio over USB, apparently not. Yamaha was still using Firewire for audio in those days.
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