VC340 vs Microfreak vocoder

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VC340 vs Microfreak vocoder

Post by Grumblepig » Thu Dec 03, 2020 11:34 pm

Hi all - I've had a Behringer VC340 for a while and have generally quite enjoyed having both a vocoder and a proper string synth handy. I've never quite got the hang of the strings' release setting, but such is life! The vocoder I've used on a handful of recordings and I like having it around "just in case." I have a PolySix with it's own particular gorgeous strings, plus a Prologue with a user BBD effect which does a fine job turning a saw into yet more strings. And... I've got the VSM software. To say, I've got strings left and right.

I've only today stumbled across the Microfreak Vocoder. I like that it's small and I like the idea of the freak side of things, musically/sonically.

Anyone know much about its vocoder? The videos I've seen sell it well. Not like I'm asking much from a vocoder - only that it make "that sound."

Tempted to sell the VC340 for the Arturia, something that seems like it lives in a whole other sonic world.

Any input is appreciated!

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