TX16W v.s. Roland S-330

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TX16W v.s. Roland S-330

Post by Josefarno » Sun May 02, 2021 10:30 am

So I’m looking to buy a 12 bit rack mount sampler without breaking the bank too much and the two so far that have stood out to me as affordable are the TX16W and the S-330 (especially the S-330). Would obviously get Temple OS for the TX and a monitor of some sort for the S-330 to make life easier. I’m curious what your guys’ opinion on pros/cons of these against each other. By all means if you have any ideas of comparable samplers that can be had for around the same price I’m all ears. I’m pretty determined on a 12 bit for its unique sound (I have an iPhone that can sample anything with an app called Koala, but I’m trying to get away from computers and want something that colors the sound a bit more) but I’m open to looking at anything.

Side question: how does a sampler like these handle drum samples? I’m looking at a E-mu Procussion module for drums, but I’m curious how well I’d be able to get away just using the sampler instead. The Procussion had all sorts of ways to vary the sound as to make it sound more realistic, where I’m guessing on the sampler the only thing it could do is vary the velocity by lowering/raising volume?

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Re: TX16W v.s. Roland S-330

Post by paugui » Sat May 22, 2021 9:32 am

If you want E-MU Procussion sounds, you probably should just get an E-MU ESI, as there is a sample set from the E-MU Procussion available for those!
The only thing is, you only get 4 outputs, unless you get a unit with the Turbo expansion (which also has effects), but still shouldn't be that expansive...
However, it won't be a 12 bit sampler...

If you really want one of those, I think any of them is decent!

I actually had both, but since I have other samplers, I ended up not giving them as much use as I should, so I ended up selling the Yamaha TX16...

Wouldn't say it's worse than the Roland, but since I had other Roland samplers, felt it was better to just keep all those and use them as a big system, particularly because I also had a nice library of samples for them, and other extras, while for the Yamaha I only had a disk with the operating system...

Also, the Yamaha TX16w I had was not expanded in terms of RAM...
If it was maxed out, I would have most likely kept it...

Other big differences, the Yamaha TX16w takes double the space, but gives you proper jack connectors for the individual outputs, rather than RCAs as you find in the Roland S330.

Honestly, I'd say grab whatever good deal you find...
If you find both for a nice price, grab what has the nicest set of extras...
And don't forget, for the Roland, it's really a must to have the mouse to take the most out of it...

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Re: TX16W v.s. Roland S-330

Post by madtheory » Sat May 22, 2021 8:36 pm

You can get a very good idea of what the Yamaha TX16W sounds like with the Cyclone plugin. As a loooooong time TX16W user it nails the sound. It does have a colour to the sound, but not much. It's kind of metallic and kind of dull/ warmish. Transposing is nice especially at lower sample rates. I think Arturia CMIV is much better in giving you a wider range of colour, and it's generally fatter sounding. I love how my old TX samples sound in that.

The TX16W is pretty cool for drums. 8 mono outs, and a very wide pitch range. One great effect is having different up and down pitch bend for each drum. Wiggle the pitch bend wheel and you get a great warped sound. But you can do this with Kontakt too :)

Hard to find one with the full 6MB but it's actually fine with the stock 1.5MB especially if you're using it for drums and a few colour sounds.

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