Korg Poly 800 MK1 Problems

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Korg Poly 800 MK1 Problems

Post by shrimptraxx » Wed Apr 29, 2015 7:24 pm

Hello guys!
I have bought a korg poly 800 Mk1 at a very low price recently, but unfortunately i found out that it does not work properly.
Due to the lack of the storage batteries, the factory sounds were gone when the synth arrived at my place.
First, I have bought a power adapter (not original but with the right pin assignment, AC 9V 1300mA) to turn it on and test it. The batteries were also inserted.
I tested all the parameters of the poly 800 and unfortunately it seems that DCO1 does not work at all and DCO2 only works in Sawtoothmode.
However, all other parameters such as chorus, Cutoff, DEG2, MG the Midi sequencer, the Chord Memory and Hold function work properly if DCO2 is selected in sawtooth mode.
Then i tried to load the factory sounds back as its described in the manual via the From Tape jack. For that i used Logic X and my Focusrite Saffire Pro Sound Interface but it didn't work.
The screen does have flickered but i was not able to adjust the level properly. It was never shown the message GOOD only ERR or no change in the display.
Then I opened the synth to check the board and realized that 3 capacitors near the tape sockets and a transistor near the power jack were broken . I replaced these components and cleaned the board but unfortunately i had to realize that the problem was not resolved.
Hopefully someone here can help me to solve the problem!
Thanks in advance and best regards !!

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Re: Korg Poly 800 MK1 Problems

Post by meatballfulton » Wed Apr 29, 2015 8:01 pm

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Re: Korg Poly 800 MK1 Problems

Post by FlyRicky » Wed Aug 03, 2022 12:19 am

Hi , I've got the same problem as you describe but mines with DCO2. Did you ever figure out a fix ?

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