Custom blue backlit LED for Yamaha TX7 or DX100

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Custom blue backlit LED for Yamaha TX7 or DX100

Post by Hallu » Tue Aug 19, 2014 9:42 pm


I purchased two blue backlit LEDs with the intention of upgrading the TX7 I own, as well as buying a second TX7.

I'm realizing I'd rather get a multi-timbral TX802.

One I already put in the TX7 I own and am selling locally, I figure this would be a good spot to sell the other.

For a TX7 it is a simple swap. To place in a DX100 requires a bit of handiwork, as documented here:

The seller I bought them from was asking $28 each plus shipping, I'm looking to do an even $22 and I'll cover shipping.

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