RAM bank malarkey

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RAM bank malarkey

Post by wahee » Thu Apr 15, 2021 10:08 pm

hi all

been making myself up a small RAM cartridge for my JX8P, a M16c copy

I think I have the basics ok A0 to A0 etc
I started to get greedy and though about using a larger EPROM and accessing 4 banks

So on a 64k IC like the FM16w08 rather than the original

to access the higher banks I was reading that the higher data lines must be on or off
I'm a total moob at this so I was wondering anyone could cast a glance at this diagram to see if it looks ok

Basically a DIP switch. I got the idea from video game carts. Some designs use an IC to switch but I wanted something super basic.
ram DIP switch.JPG

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