Importing Patches to my Novation A Station with Sysex

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Importing Patches to my Novation A Station with Sysex

Post by ChuckFalcon » Fri Aug 15, 2014 4:19 pm

Hi everyone! I just recently got a Novation A Station Synth and I am trying to IMPORT patches onto the A Station from my computer.

First off, what I am trying to do is download patches from vintage keyboards like a Juno, Jupiter, Arp, Moog, etc. and make the A Station sound like like one one of those keyboards. Is this possible or am I living in a classic synth dreamworld?

I am using a midi interface that has male midi plugs and one usb plug on the other side. I am also using a Mac and Sysex Librarian.

I have never tried to do this and I am very unfamiliar with this. I read the thread on how to DUMP presets and that seems easy. I can't even get the A Station to show up in the SYSEX librarian or get the mac to notice that its there.

What am I doing wrong? Everyone please forgive my noobness but I could really really use the help

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Re: Importing Patches to my Novation A Station with Sysex

Post by corndogssg » Sun Sep 21, 2014 3:13 pm

you have a juno 106 and a moog little phatty, let them make your juno and moog sounds, heh.

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