SOLVED.: EMU Emulator EIII, keyboard has gone crazy.

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SOLVED.: EMU Emulator EIII, keyboard has gone crazy.

Post by Simonfromsidney » Tue Mar 22, 2016 8:30 pm

Hi Vintage synth.

Problem solved :-)

I have a little problem with my Emu Emulator EIII.

After (a lot) of time fixing my EIII so it would accually boots up, I have now come so far, that I could test if it actually works. It does... :-) BUT!

When I have sample a sound (a string for example), it will only play it back if I press fx. C2+C#2 or C2 and D2 at the same time??? I have to press 2 keys to make it play, I can then release fx. C#2 and the string plays on. ???

I have absolute no idea what issue this could be, except a broken ribbon cabel (I have cleaned everything inside the sampler)

If someone knows what i might could be, please let me know :-)

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