Swedish prog rock (or something like that)

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Cirrus Winery
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Swedish prog rock (or something like that)

Post by Cirrus Winery » Mon Mar 03, 2008 9:50 pm


Edit: I just realized some of the songs can be listened to from here:

We're not a very synth-heavy band. Usually i just use synth for the occasional solos or in unison with the organ melody (Al Capone, for example).

There is a synth used atleast once in all songs on the myspace page except in "Jimmy's Jordgubbe".

Some notes about the synths used (all of them are borrowed from "some guy"):
Arp Pro/DGX with broken switches (for assigning aftertouch)
Roland SH-1000 (it feels like everything on this is broken except the oscillator)
Moog The Source (i like this best, but it's a bit annoying with that one single spinner thing for control)... Oh. And it's not broken. It occasionally glitches on startup and produces some odd harmonics (the oscillators go nuts for some reason) but it's nothing you can't live with.

Other keyboards used:
Nord Electro 2 (mine)
Some hammond i don't remember the name of (in studio)
Melltron (belongs to the bassist who is a hardcore mellotron fan)
D6 Clavinet (mine. lots of problems with it, but h**l... it looks great)

My current quest is for a more exciting lead synth. I don't like the lack of control on the SH-1000 and Pro/DGX and i don't have access to the Source any longer. I'm thinking of building a modular because 1: I like the look of modular systems and, 2: Great control over the sound.

Title translations:
Jimmys Jordgubbe = Jimmy's Strawberry
Jag Äter En Apelsin Utan Att Skala Den = I'm eating an orange without having peeled it first (the grammar is a bit iffy. I don't know how to translate it well)

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