Rote Genre Exercises with the Yamaha CS30

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Rote Genre Exercises with the Yamaha CS30

Post by syncretism » Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:10 am

I spent a little spare time today playing with the CS30's sequencer. It's limited, but can be a lot of fun to use. You can track one oscillator's pitch with the sequencer and lay the other with the keyboard, as I did here: (in retrospect, I should have dedicated a keyboard-triggered envelope to VCA2, effecting a poor man's duophony. O, well)

Or you can use the LFO and dial in each oscillator's sensitivity to effect periodic intervals (in this case, a third and a fifth) with a return to unison, and trigger a filter envelope manually:

Or you can just route as much of everything as you can, and make nasty, primitive drones:

I really like this synth.

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