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Re: Gear Trading Thread

Post by lampmeister » Tue Oct 11, 2016 7:17 pm

Sherman Filterbank 2
Electrix MO-FX

Would like:
Strymon El Capistan
Roland RE-20
12 to 16 channel mixer

Based in Bournemouth (UK).


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Re: Gear Trading Thread

Post by minime123 » Wed Oct 12, 2016 5:05 pm

EMS Synthi AKS, VCS3
Vintage Moog 15 x2, Vintage Moog 12, Vintage Moog 1C
ARP 2600
and tons of other meticulously electronically restored vintage synths

Full Roland System 700
Emu Modular
- We Buy Sell Trade Repair Vintage Synths
- We Buy Broken Gear & Parts Too...
- Huge Selection, Dependable Service

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Re: Gear Trading Thread

Post by Aquaqrx » Fri Oct 14, 2016 9:56 pm


Roland JD-Xi

Desktop synth module

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Re: Gear Trading Thread

Post by DesolationBlvd » Sun Oct 16, 2016 3:21 am

(item for trade was sold, removed.)
Moog Matriarch
Oberheim OB-8/DSX/DMX
Sequential Prophet 2002/Prophet-5 rev. 4
E-mu Emax I
Ensoniq Mirage
Roland JP-8/SH-101/RS-09
Korg MS-20 Kit/ARP Odyssey FSQ
Yamaha SY99
Waldorf Microwave 1
Simmons SDSV
Elektron Analog RYTM

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Re: Gear Trading Thread

Post by SterlingMann » Thu Nov 10, 2016 1:56 am


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Re: Gear Trading Thread

Post by filterfreak » Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:51 pm

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Re: Gear Trading Thread

Post by Yekuku » Sun Nov 27, 2016 12:08 am

Edit: Traded!
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Re: Gear Trading Thread

Post by trevordutton » Sat Dec 03, 2016 7:59 pm

Doepfer A-101-3 Vactrol Phaser Eurorack Module
Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 18 Guitar Amp and matching 12" speaker cabinet
Various guitar pickups/parts

Looking for:
Korg Minilogue
Various guitar pedals (possibly Strymon Big Sky, Boss Flanger and Chorus)

Open to other items . . . try me!

Located near Seattle, WA. Will add or subtract cash as needed.

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Re: Gear Trading Thread

Post by DocDeF4U17 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 11:31 pm

Have a mini casio sa-47 w/manual

wanting to straight trade for any kind of keyboard case soft or hard shell

case has to be anywhere around 12 X 26 inches
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Re: Gear Trading Thread

Post by MOS-FET » Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:30 pm

I have a fully functional Oberheim xPander.

I would like a fully functional Roland Jupiter 6.

I live in South Central Ohio. Not looking to ship, but I can travel anywhere in Ohio, WV, IN, IL, TN, KY and VA to complete the trade. And maybe NC or MI depending on the time frame.

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Re: Gear Trading Thread

Post by supermel74 » Fri Dec 30, 2016 7:16 pm

Have Mackie Onyx 1220 analog mixer.

open to trade offers

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Re: Gear Trading Thread

Post by themilford » Thu Jan 19, 2017 4:33 pm

Will trade a brand new Tronographic Rusty Box and/or Boxidizer (plus cash) for the following:

Ensoniq ESQ1 (early version)
Kawai K3
Ensoniq DP/4 (Not +)
Ibanez AD202 (rack)
Roland CSQ-100 or 600
Ashly MM508 mixer

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Re: Gear Trading Thread

Post by jereopaq » Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:15 pm

Have for trade:
Roland Tr8 with 7X7 expansion (mint, boxed, barely used)
Yamaha QY700 with USB drive (mint, floppy was replaced, I still have it)

I also have a bunch of old school midi programs: original Cakewalk, Atari stuff.

Looking for one of these:
Ensoniq ASR-10
Yamaha EX5R
Akai S6000

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Re: Gear Trading Thread

Post by synthetic_cliff » Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:07 pm

Hey guys,

I have the following items for trade:

JoMoX AirBase99
JoMox M.Brane1_1
Roland SPD-S
Rocktron Banshee Talkbox
Akai MPC1000

All are in excellent condition with no issues

I'm not too picky on what I would trade for, I love sampling new gear. Just make me a reasonable trade offer and maybe we can work something out.

I just registered for the forum section of this website but have been coming to this site for years and love the content that has been collected here.

I am currently looking around for a decent bassline synth/sequencer

I am in the New Jersey/ New York City Area

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Re: Gear Trading Thread

Post by SterlingMann » Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:01 pm

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