Importing synths from the US into sweden (or EU in general)

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Cirrus Winery
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Post by Cirrus Winery » Sun Mar 02, 2008 11:14 pm

SickMonkey wrote:Yeah, after a bit of reading I've come to the same conclusion, ie anything manufactured before 2006 is still ok to import. Got a bit worried there, for a moment.

On a practical note, though: Do customs REALLY bother to check peoples privately purchased boutique pedals and modular synth components? Has anyone actually gotten "caught"?
I don't know anyone in sweden who has. I checked with some synth boards and there's no mention of the RoHS whatsoever. I'm actually starting to think that sweden has no actually "applied" the directive (if that's even possible). I find three people with dotcom modulars and absolutely no mention of the RoHS or any trouble with it at all.

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Post by Escobar » Mon Mar 03, 2008 1:29 pm

Most of my gears are imported from US or EU country, and I never had any problem with RoHS compliant. As SickMonkey said: "anything manufactured before 2006 is ok to import". I bought my Emulator II and both Emax from US and I didn't have any problem with it, though I had to pay custom fees 25% for them but what could I do? :wink:
From another EU country you can buy stuff for up to €200.00 without paying any taxes, everything more than that, taxes applies.
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