SUPERSONIC - 64 Custom Patches for UDO Super 6

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SUPERSONIC - 64 Custom Patches for UDO Super 6

Post by synth4ever » Mon Apr 19, 2021 5:14 am

Hi guys, today I’m proud to release my first custom soundset for the UDO Super 6, which I’ve been working on for past 1.5 months.

SUPERSONIC is a creative and versatile custom soundset comprised of lush soundscapes, ambient/chillout, electronica and IDM-influenced sounds. These 64 patches cover a wide range of sonic territory including pads, leads, strings, sequences, arps, keys, textures, bass and FX.


The Super 6 is a beautiful sounding, versatile and powerful digital/analog hybrid synth, and I tried to push it in new directions when creating many of these patches using firmware v0.26. In addition to traditional “bread and butter” sounds, this UDO Super 6 soundset also includes some experimental motion loops, generative soundscapes and texture-based approaches to sound design.

These 64 custom patches will install to user banks A-H on your UDO Super 6, and nearly all contain tasteful aftertouch and pitch bend (positive and negative) modulation assignments. This gives you additional expression and timbre possibilities within the patch itself - so be sure to experiment with these controllers!

Overall, I’m proud of this soundset and believe it covers a lot of interesting sonic territory for musicians and listeners alike. Thanks for your interest in and support of my work; I hope you enjoy exploring and performing with these patches on your UDO Super 6 as much as I do on mine, should you wish to acquire them.

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Re: SUPERSONIC - 64 Custom Patches for UDO Super 6

Post by buchanan » Wed Apr 21, 2021 11:16 am

Nice patches! This video made me want to buy one.

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