Dark Blue Generator For MiniNova/UltraNova - 20% Off Intro

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Dark Blue Generator For MiniNova/UltraNova - 20% Off Intro

Post by Nat1 » Mon Jan 24, 2022 1:19 pm

We glad to see a comeback from LFO Team and their new Dark Blue Generator soundest for Nova Synthesizers!

This sound bank contains 101 presets. Here you will find all what you need for creating a complete music composition using your Nova Synthesizer only!

And it’s a:

- Dynamic Arpeggios
- Sequnces
- Cutting Leads
- Big Basses
- Complex Atmos
- Pads

Genres: Electronica, Original soundtrack, Ambient, Downtempo, Progressive. The pack working with Ultranova & MiniNova Synthesizers!

Buy Link!


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